Mission Statement

To consistently provide our clients with the highest level of quality electrical installation possible, at a competitive price.

To be the driving force on every project we are involved with.

To serve our client, to serve our supplier and to serve our organization.

Contractor Clients

Can-Do Electric Inc. clients rely on us for:

– competitive prices with a complete scope of work on bid day.
– design build capabilities.
– complete conceptual estimates who wish to negotiate with us.

Our Customer

– believes in our ability to get the job done.

– is the very reason for our Organizational existence.

Without our Customer we would not be needed.

Our Organization

Our Organization is a group of common people with uncommon values.

The very heart of our Organization lies within each of the men and women who work here. United, with a common goal and ultimate purpose it is our people, which give of themselves tirelessly that make our Organization great.

Our Organization is something we are proud of. Our Organization is strong. An ever-changing entity, an ever-evolving force. At the foundation of our Organization lies our Values, and those never change.

Our Values

We place a strong emphasis on morals and ethics.

Our value systems dictate our action. Our value systems place us in a position of consideration where few are allowed to operate.

Although our Organization is ever changing, our values never change.

  • Honesty- We are honest in all our dealings, with our Clients, with our Co-Workers, with our Ownership, with our Vendors.
  • Reliability – You can count on us. We do what we say we will do.
  • Integrity – We operate with a high level of integrity and earn trust the old fashioned way.
  • We Play Fair- We realize the rules of the game are different for each type of project whether its negotiated, competitive bid, or Design Build we understand that the rules of each situation are different. We play by the rules.
  • Responsible- We accept responsibility. We welcome it. We are not afraid to let the buck stop with us. We are responsible.
  • Commitment- We are committed to the common goals, we are loyal to our company, our customer, each other, and ourselves. Our commitment is evident again in our actions and deeds.
  • Confident- We rest assured because of our attention to detail and our preparation we are confident. We know that we are the best possible choice for the project.
  • Initiative- We display initiative constantly. We understand that worthwhile results come from hard work, careful planning, and action.